Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is a branch of dentistry science concerned with the prevention of diseases of the mouth, teeth and adjacent tissues. It includes at home dental care performed by patients, as well as dental care and education by your dentist. It begins with the first tooth. Daily cleaning of the teeth should begin as soon as the first tooth erupts. Early dental visits are the foundation for a good oral health. The earlier the dental visit, the better the chance of preventing dental disease.

Fissure sealants : Sealants are dental treatment for the intended purpose of preventing cavities by applying a material to one or more teeth permanent teeth. Sealants painted over pits and fissures in the chewing surfaces of back teeth to block food from being trapped. It is a painless treatment. Sealants will be checked every 6 months by your dentist and sealants easy to replaced or repaired if necessary.

Fluorides : Flouride helps prevent teeth cavities by making teeth more resistant to acid attack. We can get flouride from our toothpaste and mouth rinse. If there is not enough flouride, your dentist can also apply flouride topical to the teeth as a gel or foam.